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Transit Passenger Swivel Seat Adaptor

Just imagine . . . while enhancing the value of your vehicle you are also creating a more pleasurable driving experience if you install the Transit Swivel Seat Adaptor.

Available Now swivel 07+

Swivel Seat Adaptors

These swivel seat plates sandwich a special aerospace phenolic self lubricating nylon disk wear plate thereby making the swivel virtually maintenance free and absent of rattles or vibration often found with ball bearing roller designs requiring periodic replacement. These are the #1 selling seat swivels used by the majority of OEM European camper manufacturers and the DIY client.

We maintain a constant inventory of Transit Swivel Seat Adaptors and orders received by 3 pm will be shipped the same day.

Our European Transit Swivel Seat Adaptor mounts on top of your original seat base pedestal. Install the Swivel Adaptor. Then your original seat is remounted back on top. This will raise the overall seat height by 1.75 inches.

These swivles come with complete installation instructions and should not take more than 30 minutes to install.

The Swivel Seat Adaptors incorporate a center access port accommodating auxillary electrical wiring for your heated and/or lumbar support seating functions.

Driver Side Swivel $329 +SH

Passenger Side Swivel $329 +SH